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Localización de los objetos coleccionables de ‘Yomawari Midnight Shadows’

Localización de los objetos coleccionables de ‘Yomawari Midnight Shadows’

A continuación os vamos a dejar una lista de los objetos coleccionables de Yomawari: Midnight Shadows y una explicación de como conseguirlos y dónde encontrarlos.

Podéis ver nuestra otra guía de objetos importantes, amuletos y consumibles aquí.

Página 1

Página Nombre Descripción Dónde conseguirlo Mapa
1 Flashlight A flashlight you can charge. You can turn it on and off with the touch pad button. You can point the flashlight with the right stick. Se consigue de forma obligatoria en la historia.
1 Blue Ribbon It’s the ribbon I got from Yui. Mine is sky blue. ribbon  Se consigue de forma obligatoria en la historia.
1 Broken Charm A chewed-up charm I got from a dog. It has some black hair on it. It’s really worn out. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710211039241 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710211040401
1 Stuffed Doll’s Right Arm It’s the right arm of the stuffed doll that got cut up by the scissor spirit. The stuffing coming out of it is old and yellow. 1135719629 preview Stuffed Dolls Right Arm  Final del capítulo 2
1 Old Jade Bead A small bead called a “magatama” that came off of a tool or something. It’s like a bunch of shades of green swirled together.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710211526151  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021151241
1 Picture Diary A diary from the mansion. Most of the pages have been ripped out. There’s a picture of something on fire…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710211628431  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
1 Emblem of Courage There’s a shiny emblem on the chest of the robot. You can see the gold plating even through the dirt on it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710211730181  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710211733131
1 Catfish Whiskers The whiskers of the spirit catfish I picked up. It’s all slimy… I don’t think it’ll ever dry out.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710221620211 Tenemos que visitar las alcantarillas una vez que hayamos completado el juego. Tendremos que recorrernos las alcantarillas hasta llegar hasta un bicho que nos soltará el objeto.


1 Brown Puppy He’s a brown puppy that Yui owned. His name is Chaco. He’s really small, but he was brave and protected me.  1135719629 preview Brown Puppy  Te lo dan al completar el juego.
1 Small Flower A small red flower for funerals. I got it from a new friend I made. 1135719629 preview Small Flower5 Te lo de la prota anterior cuando te la encuentras en todos los lugares.

Todo en el mapa del primer juego.

1. Localización: En el templo que hay cerca de la entrada de la ciudad.

2. Localización: En las vías del tren.

3. Localización: En la factoría. Si no puedes entrar tienes que leer un cartel en el bosque de esa ciudad y haber hablado con la protagonista en las vías del tren. Para que te secuestren hay varios sitios pero el más fácil es ir a la derecha desde tu casa.

4. Localización: En la tumba del perro de la protagonista.

5. Localización: En el túnel dónde se acabó el primer juego.

1 Centipede Charm It’s a charm with a scary-faced centipede drawn on it in red. It’s worn out and dirty in places.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710221639451  Tienes que hablar con la protagonista del primer juego en el templo y ayudarla a liberar los espíritu que hay por el mapa.
1 Scribbled Note Messy handwriting on a paper that’s been cut to pieces. It says, “give it hands, legs, and neck…”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113832 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113842
1 Blue Scribble A scary note scribbled with blue crayon. I can’t really tell what it says…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021161341  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
1 Black Scribble A scribble with black crayon. The paper is all messed up because they pressed too hard.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021161621  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
1 Notebook There’s words written on the scraps of this note book. “I’ve heard rumors about this house…”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021162022  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
1 Red Scribble It’s been scribbled on with red crayon so much that the paper looks red. I can make out a person who looks scared on the ground.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021162546  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
1 Letter from Yui A letter from Yui I found in the back of the dump. It says that… Yui has already died…   Te lo dan automáticamente.
1 Yui’s ribbon It’s the red ribbon that Yui always wore on her head. When I look at it, it makes my chest hurt and I start to cry.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022113551  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022112752
1 Letter to Yui The letter that I wrote to Yui. …I wonder if Yui read this.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222330 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222412

Tras completar el juego.

1 Paper Scrap 1 “I hope that I get to see fireworks with Haru again. Next summer… I’m going to go see Haru.” …That’s what it says.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022114624  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710221147151
1 Paper Scrap 2 It says, “I can’t say goodbye to Haru. Tomorrow, I’ll tell her we should meet again.”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022115537  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710221147151
1 Paper Scrap 3 It’s a note someone left. It says, “I can’t find it no matter where I look! What should I do?”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021121248  C-かみのきれはし3
1 Paper Scrap 4 It’s a note someone left. “Some, or something, is following me. What can I do? I have to run.” That’s what it says.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021155543  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
1 Paper Scrap 5 “Ever since that night, I feel like something is calling me. What is that voice?” That’s what’s written.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154541  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154547
1 Paper Scrap 6 It’s a note someone left. It says, “I don’t care what happens to me! I have to save them, no matter what!” YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022160350  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022160501
1 Paper Scrap 7 It looks like a note… It says, “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021185251  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021185339
1 Paper Scrap 8 “Kuro died instead of Haru. I can hear Kuro calling to me, crying. I have to go…” That’s what’s witten.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222418 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222412

Tras completar el juego.

1 Ball of Mud A little ball of mud. It’s so shiny and round and polished that you wouldn’t even think it’s made out of mud.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170650  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170656
1 Toy Ring A red ring. It looks like real jewelry. I don’t think it will look good on me but it’s perfect for Yui.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021180314  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021180322
1 Brown Stamp A stamp the color of dirt. It’s not very cute… I wouldn’t use this on a letter.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022190959  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022191030


Página 2

Página Nombre Descripción Dónde conseguirlo Mapa
2 Pinwheel A pinwheel, like the kind they have at festivals. It spins around real fast when you blow on it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222743  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222814
2 Watering Can A sad little watering can with a hole in it. It’s a waste to try to fill it, all the water comes out the hole at the bottom…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021105605 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021105658
2 Pins A faded pin. I can barely make out the something rangers from that TV show on it…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021183246  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021183318
2 Rainbow Shell A pretty shell with a bunch of different colors on it. When I put it right up to my nose I can kind of smell the ocean.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021121023  にじいろのかいがら
2 Broken Friendship Bracelet A friendship bracelet broken in the middle. I wonder if it got thrown away after someone used a wish.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023225019  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710221621121
2 Wind Chime A glass wind chime, like the kind at my grandma’s house. The sound of the chimes makes me feel peaceful…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022180848  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022181728
2 Bent Ruler A ruler that’s bent so much it looks like a boomerang. It doesn’t look like I can use this for math class.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022173613  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022173655
2 Mysterious Mushroom It is a mushroom that looks like a bunch of paint mixed together. I’ve been told these upset your stomach, so I won’t eat it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022112703  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022112752
2 License Plate A license plate attached to a car. It looks beat up, and I can’t really read it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021171630  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021171744
2 Whoopee Cushion A rubber cushion that makes a funny sound when you squish it. You can really surprise people if they sit on it!  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021160225  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
2 Piggy Bank It’s piggy bank. I can hear some coins clinking around inside. I want to know what’s in it, but I’d feel bad if I broke it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022185940  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022190037
2 Pocket Watch A watch small enough to fit in my pocket. The hands have stopped though, not even the second hand works.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022100936  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021190933
2 Dented Ball A ball that lost all of its air. If you throw it on the ground, it flies off in a random direction.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022171826  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022171902
2 Small Candle A small candle… It looks like it will get used up fast. I should be careful whit it…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170817  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170656
2 Used Hand Warmer A hand warmer that someone used, so it’s cold now. The warning on it says, “Burn warning!”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023223642  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023223753
2 Shed Cicada Shell Old cicada shells that you can find on trees. It’s so pretty when I hold it up to the light. It’s like a jewel.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023224219  せみのぬけがら
2 Rubber Duck A fun rubber duck that squishes. I bet a whole tub full of these would be a lot of fun!  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022111139  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022111219
2 Bright Red Scarf A pretty scarf the color of sunset. It looks like it’s a little big too big for me, though.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022190619  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022190717
2 Girl’s Comic This is the manga all kids in class are talking about! The pages are stuck together though, I can’t open it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021151136  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021151241
2 Broken Dish A plate broken in half. The edge is really pointy, like a fang. It’s super sharp.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022171549  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022171555
2 Pachinko Ball A small, metal ball. Yui said that adults love to play with this.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022163602  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022162613
2 Deflated Balloon This balloon lost some air. I might be able to blow it up… but it’s really dirty, so I’m not gonna do that.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113020 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113026
2 Cocoon A big cocoon that I’ve never seen before. It sometimes wigges… I wonder what’s inside.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021104811 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021104818
2 Shogi Piece It’s a shogi piece that fell on the ground. There’s something written in red on the back.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022111541  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022111614
2 Harmonica A red harmonica with rust on it. I wonder what it sounded like a long time ago.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022191531  ハーモニカ
2 Separated Puzzle Rings Puzzle rings that someone took apart. No matter how hard I try, I can’t fit them back together.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021193011  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021190933
2 Rabbit Foot It’s a rabbit foot being used as a keychan. It looks like…a real foot that got cut off. I think it’s bad luck…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021143816  うさぎのあし
2 Crystal Skull It looks kind of scary because it’s a skull, but the glass is pretty. I wonder why you would make this thing.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022193225 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022193313
2 Riddle Book A book full of riddles. It seems really fun, I like the word play ones.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022193739  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022193735
2 Four-leaf Clover A clover that someone pulled out of the ground. I want to plant it somewhere before it withers up.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021115016  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021115022


Página 3

Página Nombre Descripción Dónde conseguirlo Mapa
3 Dice Dice with six numbers on it. You won’t know what number you get until you throw it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021190927  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021190933
3 Pinecone A pinecone so big that it surprised me. If you gave it to a boy, they would probable play baseball with it. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021103207 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021103258
3 False Teeth These fake teeth are bigger than grandpa’s. I feel like they’re going to bite me if I hold them.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023215024  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
3 Bike Seat A bicycle seat that was on the ground for some reason. It’s just the seat, though, so it’s pretty useless.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022154514  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022155259
3 Mini Car A cool, little, red toy car. If it were a real car, I could just drive over and rescue Yui.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021175541  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021180322
3 Conch A big shell I have to hold with both hands. When I put it to my ear, I can hear it crying.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022102841  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022102919
3 Bar Magnet A bar magnet you can stick lots of thing to. It’s covered in trash and sand though, nothing will stick to it now.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022191143  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022191227
3 Torn Poster A crumbled-up poster that tore off and blew here. It says that the road is dangerous and not to go through. Where was this posted?  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022153956  やぶれたはりがみ
3 Empty Box An empty robot toy box. It seems like 5 machines combine to form the robot. There’s nothing inside it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170011  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170055
3 Newspaper It’s a newsletter that they only hand out in certain areas. This one is about how a bunch of family members all died mysteriously.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154805  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
3 Transparent Object I can’t see it, but there’s something here.  transparent  躓く場所
3 Dog Toy It’s a dog toy in the shape of a bone. There are a lot of bite marks on it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021104838 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021105147
3 Torn Doll It’s a doll trap. The legs and neck must have come undone when I wasn’t looking…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022164842  (En la parte final del juego donde la batalla final)
3 Trophy A pretty trophy that shines a bright gold. I could just barely see it in the back of the dump. I’m glad I saw it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021173326  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021173415
3 Straw Hat A straw hat with a big brim to black out sunlight. It’s old and sagging.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022170349  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022165731
3 Wriggling Furball A bushy black furball. It doesn’t seem like just a ball of yarn.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170515  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170521
3 Weird Urn It’s a big, old pot. There’s nothing inside of it, but it’s much heavier than it looks. Cuando lleguemos al lugar, subimos hacia arriba un poco. Cuando suenen las campanas no nos movemos, y cuando aparezcan las pisadas rojas seguimos sin movernos hasta que vuelvan a sonar las campanas. Después, subiremos hacia arriba a por el objeto.

(Ver imagen)

3 Large Molar It’s shaped like a tooth but for it to be a human’s molar it is way too big.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022175425  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022175419
3 Lion-dog Set A set of lion-dogs. Some have their mouths open and others don’t. These can ward off evil. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022181731 Hay que hace una misión secundaria. Tenemos que colocar el Round Red Rock y el Blue Lion-dog y llevar al enemigo a esos lugares.
3 Scribble Mask It looks like graffiti of a face. I’ve seen this around town…  scribble  Hay que encontrar la localización de las máscaras:

Localización 1

Localización 2

Localización 3

Localización 4

Localización 5

Localización 6

Localización 7

Localización 8

Localización 9

3 Mysterious Pebble It looks like a regular pebble, but I can tell it’s got magic power! Sometimes, it even floats a few inches. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022195102

Una vez que consigues todas las partes tienes que venir hasta aquí y examinar el brillo.

3 Mummified Fish A dried up, mummified fish I’ve never seen before. I can’t even picture what it was like when it was living. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023212629

Tirar 10 objetos al lago y matar al fantasma que aparece.

3 Spirit Shell A super-big clam. I wonder where it came from, there’s no ocean around here. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023213642

Dar 5 monedas a la maquina y completar el recorrido de conchas.

3 Gold Coin An oval coin that shines golden and bright. It’s thin and small but very heavy. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023214520

Coger la roca y seguir el camino de rocas hasta su destino.

3 Chicken Ornament A fake chicken decoration. It has feathers and everything, just like the real thing. It looks like it could come to life.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021165224  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021165315
3 Old Wood A strange piece of Wood that I picked up in a ruined building, It’s falling apart. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023215207

(una vez completado el juego) Investigar con la luz apagado el pilar de la primera planta.

3 Wilted Flower A Brown flower that’s all wilted. Someone planted it in the back of the factory. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken it…  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022194229  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022194329
3 Broken Cellphone It’s a cellphone with a broken screen, I don’t think the phone works. It won’t turn on.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023221349

Hay que recoger el teléfono móvil y esperar 7 toques de llamada antes de cogerlo.

3 Rice Stalks A bundle of rice stalks. It’s summer, but the stalks are still golden. It smells a lot like fresh rice. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023221822

Hay que echar 5 monedas para que salgan unos fantasmas. Luego podemos recoger el objeto.

3 White Handkerchief A handkerchief with red and black stains all over it. It looks like it used to have a pretty embroidering on it.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021173956  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021174002


Página 4

Página Nombre Descripción Dónde conseguirlo Mapa
4 Cassette Player An old thing I don’t really know how to use. Music starts to play when I press the button. I wonder how it works… YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022195718

Tras completar el evento de las partes.

4 Cassette Tape A cassette tape! I’ve never seen one up close before. I wonder how you use it.  1135719629 preview Cassette Tape
4 Puzzle A picture that I put together by gathering puzzle pieces from all over town. Hooray!  Consigue las 10 piezas y lo obtendrás
4 Puzzle 1 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make. YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021104634 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021104641
4 Puzzle 2 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113511 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113528
4 Puzzle 3 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021152954  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021153025
4 Puzzle 4 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021160608  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021154905
4 Puzzle 5 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021171457  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021171530
4 Puzzle 6 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022194722  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022194735
4 Puzzle 7 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022101333  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021190933
4 Puzzle 8 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022110814  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022110837
4 Puzzle 9 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023223139  パズルのピース9
4 Puzzle 10 A dirty puzzle piece. I wonder what King of picture it’s going to make.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022192142  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022192149
4 Part 1 It’s a weird and small part of something. I can’t even imagine what shape it was originally. I wonder what part it is.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022153649  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 201710221147151
4 Part 2 It’s a weird and small part of something. I can’t even imagine what shape it was originally. I wonder what part it is.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170109  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021170055
4 Part 3 It’s a weird and small part of something. I can’t even imagine what shape it was originally. I wonder what part it is.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022160232  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022155259
4 Part 4 It’s a weird and small part of something. I can’t even imagine what shape it was originally. I wonder what part it is.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022105750  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022105821
4 Part 5 It’s a weird and small part of something. I can’t even imagine what shape it was originally. I wonder what part it is.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022191119  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171022191130
4 Kid’s Note 1 It’s a kid’s writing. “If you meet a spirit, you have to walk slowly so it won’t notice you!”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021112217 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021112353
4 Kid’s Note 2 It’s a kid’s writing: “If you get attacked by a spirit, throw a rock or something and run away when it’s distracted.”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113654 YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021113748
4 Kid’s Note 3 It’s a kid’s writing: “If the spirits are too scary and you can’t go through, try to find some way around them.”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021114220  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021114328
4 Kid’s Note 4 It’s a kid’s writing. “When the mountain road splits and you hear the sound of the bell, DO NOT MOVE NO MATTER WHAT!”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021121023  だれかのメモ4
4 Kid’s Note 5 It’s a kid’s writing. “Answer the phone after it rings 7 times…” The rest is too messy to read.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222133  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171023222225
4 Kid’s Note 6 It’s a kid’s writing. “There are 10 faces drawn all over town. But don’t look for them.”  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021150021  C-だれかのメモ6
4 Kid’s Note 7 It’s a kid’s writing. “The vending machine on the south side of town is haunted. Don’t put money in it!” note7

Para conseguirlo tienes que hablar con la protagonista del primer juego hasta que se vaya.

4 Kid’s Note 8 It’s a kid’s writing. “On the north side of this town, there is a haunted mansion. Everyone who lived there…” The rest is ripped.  YOMAWARI  MIDNIGHT SHADOWS 20171021115155  8